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We are Sochule

A strategic acquisition firm focused on hardware & software opportunities.

Sochule Inc is also the parent company of Hellotel App, Anonabox, Proximitel, Social Media 180, and Sweepify

What We Do

M & A

Mergers and aquisitions in the tech sector focused on hardware and software verticals.


Mobile apps, websites and custom backend platforms with particular focus on trackable ROI.


Seven years experience developing digital assets for Fortune 500s, celebrities and movie studios.

About Us

Inspired by technology, driven by success

Our Story

Sochule Inc was founded in 2014 as a strategic aqusition, holding and funding vehicle to accomodate numerous LLCs recently acquired, with 5 acquisitions in a just over a year.

Our Mission

To identify potential tech companies that fit our core competencies for strategic aquisitions. We strive to identify cutting edge opportunities in the tech sector with a predominate focus on hardware & software verticals.

Marketplace Position

Through our five wholly owned subsidiaries, we are stategically positioned in the tech industry to bring to market cutting edge solutions and investment opportunities.

The Future

Sochule Inc. is poised to be a major player in the mobile technology and hardware space over the next few years, with a focus on expansion and more acquisitions.

Our Brands

Company News

Latest news and updates from Sochule and our subsidiaries.

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Sochule Inc. introduces Proximitel Big Data Platform

Sochule Inc has rolled out ProximiTel, a backend platform that provides over 7 million data points of interests' demographics...

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Anonabox internet privacy device acquired by Sochule Inc.

Sochule Inc has announced the acquisition of Anonabox, a company focused on providing security, privacy and freedom for users...

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Sochule Inc. announces the acquisition of Social Media 180

Sochule Inc., parent company of the nationally viral mobile app HelloTel, is pleased to announce its first acquisition...

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We are Passionate

We are a small team of driven individuals with experience in a wide range of fields

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