How to Pressure Pipe a Fence with Water

How to Pressure Pipe a Fence with Water

During summer, it is the best moment to wash your wooden fences. Your fence easily accumulates dirt, mud, or even grime. The wooden fence is most affected by algae resulting in wood rots that end at pulling the whole structure down. To avoid this from happening, you should often wash your fence with a pressure washer machine.

When you allow dirt to accumulate on your fence, it will look dull and old. But, when you wash its pressure washer, it gains a new appealing look.

You may damage the fence or hurt yourself if you don't know how to use a pressure washer. It is advisable to hire a pro that knows to handle it.

Tips on How to Wash Your Fence with Pressure Washer

  • Buy or Rent a Pressure Washer Machine

Before renting or buying a pressure washer, make sure it has a higher PSI and GPM. If you are a newbie on the pressure washer, use the gas pressure washer machine, but you can also use an electric pressure washer.

If the size of the fence is wide, use a gas pressure washer. The reason is that it allows you to learn how to use it and maintain it.

When renting or buying a pressure washer, ask for guidance on using it. Ask its maintenance and safety tips to avoid injuries.

  • Lay Plastic Sheeting to Protect Plants and Grass around the Fence

A wooden fence has oil, grease, and dirt, and so to clean it, you need a high-pressure washer. If you have a beautiful yard full of flowers and plants, protecting them from high pressure is important. Use a plastics sheet to protect them from high pressure.

  • Using the Appropriate Nozzle

A pressure washer has different nozzles with different degrees and colors. For the fence, you need a nozzle in green in color and 25 degrees. The nozzle is for cleaning dirt and mud. If your fence has grime and oil, use a yellow nozzle with 15 degrees.

  • Use Cold Water

Most residential pressure washers use cold water. The heavy-duty pressure washer offers cold and hot water.

For a wooden fence, use cold water because hot water can raise the grain and make sealing the fence more difficult.

  • Use All Safety Tips

Protect your body from any injuries. Use safety glasses for your eyes. Remove pets, people, and electricity sources near the fence. Wear good boots and an apron to protect you from getting wet.

Most pressure washers are noisy, so wearing ear protection is important.

  • Finishing Touches

Washing a fence with a pressure washer is hard, but finishing is very important. Sealing the wood is very important after cleaning. It protects the wood from deterioration.

When you don't seal your wooden fence, the wood will be unprotected from damage, such as the hot sun and ice falling. Also, it will result in frequent cleaning, and your fence's lifespan will be shortened.

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